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Moderate and intense physical activity favors good sleep

Original Article By: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Summarized By: Neurobit

A recent study was conducted by a team of researchers from Japan, Canada, and Taiwan to examine the relationship between physical activity and sleep quality, particularly in middle-aged Japanese individuals. The importance of good sleep for overall health and well-being is well known, as a lack of good sleep can lead to various health problems including cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, mental illnesses, and dementia. On the other hand, sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy, and excessive sleepiness are prevalent globally, affecting a large number of people. The study was carried out under the leadership of Associate Professor Javad Koohsari from the School of Knowledge Science at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and aimed to fill the gap in comprehensive research on the role of a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity, in promoting good-quality sleep.

The researchers used an isotemporal substitution approach to estimate the effect of replacing sedentary behavior or light-intensity physical activity with moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for 60 minutes in the participants' schedules. Physical activity levels were monitored using an accelerometer, while sleep quality was assessed using a questionnaire. The results showed that replacing sedentary behavior with moderate-to-vigorous exercise improved sleep quality, but this association was only found in women.

This study adds to the growing body of research highlighting the importance of physical activity in promoting good-quality sleep, which can ultimately help in preventing sleep-related disorders. The findings encourage the regularization of physical activity for better sleep and overall health.


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