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Less Sleep Is Dangerous To Health, Doc Warns

Original Article By: Tushar Kaushik

Summarized By: Neurobit

Despite being aware of the negative physical and psychological consequences of insufficient sleep, doctors often do not prioritize sleep as much as other health issues. In a survey conducted this year in India, it was found that there was a 32% increase in the number of people in Hyderabad who reported suffering from insomnia compared to the previous year. One of the main contributing factors to this increase was staying up late browsing social media, which 41% of respondents in Hyderabad said they do. According to Dr. S. K. Jaiswal, the chief neurologist at a private hospital, there is a lack of awareness about sleep disorders in the population. He noted that people may not realize that snoring, for example, could be a sign of a disorder such as sleep apnea. He also mentioned that even if individuals are aware of their sleep problems, they may not consider them abnormal and may not seek treatment.

Prolonged periods of insufficient sleep can lead to various health issues, both minor and major. These can include anxiety and depression, certain types of epilepsy, and the worsening of preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. According to Dr. Manoj Vasireddy, a consultant neurologist at a private hospital, most people do not prioritize getting enough sleep even though they are aware of its importance. He attributed this partly to the changing lifestyles of the past 20-25 years, which have led to increased stress and less time for sleep. Dr. Vasireddy also noted that insomnia is a common complaint among patients. However, even when people recognize that they are suffering from it and can identify the cause as anxiety or stress, they often struggle to cope with it.


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