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Inflammation Influences the Link Between Sleep and ADHD

Original Article By: Giuliana Grossi

Summarized By: Neurobit

According to a new study, a probable diagnosis of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at the age of 10 can be indicated by sleep problems in early childhood. A cohort study was conducted by a team led by Isabel Morales-Muñoz, PhD, MSc, Institute for Mental Health, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, to determine whether inflammatory markers in childhood have a role in the link between sleep and ADHD.

The results of the logistic regression analyses showed that children had a higher likelihood of having ADHD at 10 years if they had irregular sleep routines, shorter nighttime sleep, and higher frequency of night awakenings at 3.5 years. Additionally, IL-6 was found to serve as a mediator between irregular sleep routines and ADHD, and for the relationship between nighttime awakening and ADHD, while CRP did not exhibit any meaningful mediation.

These results emphasize the importance of sleep problems in early childhood for the development of ADHD, highlighting sleep and inflammation as potential preventative targets for ADHD.


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